First British Section for Force on Force

Here are the first 15mm Command Decision figures finished for Afghanistan.

Two fire teams and a WMIK. I’m hoping to really get into this project once the Christmas holidays kick off.

And a close up.



Plastic progress

Warhammer Historical’s Waterloo has inspired me.  I get the feeling that this is a Napoleonic project that will get finished – a case of seventh time lucky!  This isn’t just based on blind optimism, but the fact that I only need six units for a whole army!  Of course this will expand when I make it to the required minimum, but it is being able to reach a playable army size relatively quickly that will ensure I don’t give up and move on too quickly.

Here are my first 2 elements, some Perry Plastic light infantry for my 1er Legere:

This was an interesting painting project.  First of all, I had given some of these guys a white undercoat, and some a black undercoat.  The white undercoat figures were definitely more labour intensive, but my original plan had been for them to be part of a Ligne battalion with white trousers, so I thought that white would be a sensible base coat.  I used the dip only after I had painted everything, and then went back over some of the white areas (the officer’s trousers) as a highlight.  This worked quite well.  But my thoughts for the future are to use neither black nor white and to go with a grey undercoat.  This is the technique suggested in the rulebook, and I think that it is worth a try.

For the first time ever I decided that I would not paint eyes on the figures.  A close up is below.  I don’t think I have lost anything really:

I painted these chaps in the last week as a bit of a trial run, but previously I had managed to finish half a French battalion for the War of Spanish Succession.  This is the Regiment Tourville, because my daughter liked this flag better than the other options I gave her:

The flag is made out of a piece of an old sheet, and the paint stiffened it enough for it to have a slight fold.

As much as I like these figures, the Marlburian project is on the backburner until the initial Napoleonics are finished.  I also have to finish off my last two units for my Flames of War Soviet army, and then I will do a photo essay blog entry on the whole host.  Then into my US FoW army, and slowly my modern Brits and Taliban for Force on Force.  The latter will be a total immersion project where I paint the figures, terrain and play the game hard out to get a grip on the rules, so in a couple of months time when school holidays are here it will probably be ready.  But for now, here is my first almost completed 15mm Command Decision WMIK:

In the mean time I’ve been rewatching Ross Kemp, reading War by Sebastian Junger and have 3 Para ready for when that is finished.  I have to say that I’m looking forward to this one immensely.  Looks like 2012 will be the year of Waterloo and Afghanistan.


Eureka Miniatures Taliban fighter with AK-47

When i was at MOAB in Sydney a couple of weeks ago i happened by the the Eureka Miniatures Stall and couldn’t resist the urge to get some of these insurgents for Force on Force (OEF Supplement). I picked up about 15 fighters that were mostly armed with AK-47s (plus 2xRPG7s, 2x PK MGs) and a Mortar team. They are very nice 28s, the test model i painted came up ok and was pretty easy to paint quickly.

I got a free US Marine with a SAW which i gave to Marcus (who is keen to do modern Germans). The level of detail on the Marines is fantastic, Molle loops, ACOGs, PEQ boxes etc. They are not on the web site yet ( but they will be my next force, i will most likely get some at CanCon in Jan 2012.

First Taliban: