WH 40k Chaos Defiler (Giant)

This is the second Chaos Defiler for my Chaos Marine army so i thought i would stray a little further from the prescribed assembly guide. The idea i had for it materialised into something a little larger than anticipated but overall i’m quite happy with the result.


WH 40k Chaos Raptors

I have moved on to a few more Chaos figures when i should be painting other things. So here are the Slaanesh Chaos Raptors, Nathan should like these as they are nice and pink.

Nice pink Raptors!

Grey Knights Progress

Well the 1250pt force is set now, just changed the Eversor to a Vindicare assassin. Everything has been sprayed, washed and ready for more paint. At the moment i have until the 24th of September to have them finished for our pairs mini tourny. Should be plenty of time…

The1250pt force assembled

The Boss Man (Inquisitor)

Squad One Justicar

Squad two Justicar

Chaos Defiler

As i now have a Chaos Marine force i decided to pick up some cheap Chaos stuff from Wargamer AU. In the bundle i got a Chaos Defiler that was undercoated and not assembled. Now i’m not a fan of the Defiler model in it’s original configuration so i threw away the plans and evolved it into Defiler-erectus!

Imperial Guard Leman Russ Tank (modified)

Well it’s been a while since i have posted here but i’m hoping that will change. I intend to blog some of my new projects; Grey Knights and Dystopian Wars Empire of the Blazing Sun.

To start with, none of the above, an Imperial Guard Leman Russ Tank that Nathan gave me. It had a thick coat of ugly paint on it that was not salvageable so i turned it into a bit of terrain. Make some good cover for the brittle little Guardsmen.

Space Marines time

Between Dan and I, we have built a new Space marine force. These are destined to be my Purple marines that I already have one test figure completed for. It is designed to be a Straight forward Codex Marine Chapter, with an emphasis on shooting rather than assault. It contains a Capttain, a Librarian, Terminators, 2 Tactical Squads, a Devastator Squad, a Scout Squad, a Dreadnought, 2 Landspeeders, a Whirlwind and a Vanguard Veteran Squad mounted in a Razorback. As they are a blandly Marine force, I have finally decided on my chapter name. they are to be known as the Vanilla Suns  after their base in the Vanilla system. Their chapter heraldry recalls the two planets and asteroid belt that circle the large sun at the centre of the system.

My first Vanguard veteran is painted but he really will be a vanguard, as these have to will compete with Napoleonics, DBA and ECW for painting time. I’m sure a few will crop up though!


Front-on, this Vet is ready for action!


The Vanilla Suns emblem – the Sun of Vanill with the twin planets of Cinnamo Prime and Neapolita,  and the crescent shaped asteroid field of Risus Puddingus Majoris marked on. Veterans have rays on their sigil, standard troops have no rays, just a straight yellow circle.