The Last Post

All things must pass, and so it is to be with NDC Blog. ‘Why?’ I hear you wail (with murmurings of ‘big deal’ in the background). 

Well this blog was originally set up to be about the collaborative efforts of myself and my mate Dan. Dan has now been overseas for two years and so the rationale seems to have passed us by. Also, the title NDC Blog doesn’t really mean much to anyone, just another random acronym. I’ve also got a proliferation of old projects long since sold on, the beginnings of new projects that never went anywhere and a truly head-scratching variety of labels that even I can’t navigate anymore. I also envy some of the tools available through Blogger, and I already have a Blogger account, so I am going to move over to there instead of wordpress. Not an indictment on wordpress who have some great features, but more like a change of scene. 

I’m also looking at doing more solo wargaming as well as gaming with the Rotorua Irregulars, and I basically just feel that it is time to move onto a new blog that is more about me. Vain? No. Just self-absorbed.

Come on over and have a gander at the new blog – even better, follow it!

So from NDC Blog, thank you and we will see you on a different site for 2013.

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