Alternate Events World War One

Dystopian Wars has recently been released, and I love the look of it.  I’ve always had a soft spot for Victorian Science Fiction based on my long term interest in the Nineteenth Century in general, but particularly those Jules Verne and HG Wells stories I read as a kid.   Right now is not however the time to be able to stump up the cash for a completely new venture.  Moreover, I have plenty of projects that I am working on at present.  However, this new game has made quite an impression on my butterfly-like nature and so I have decided that in its place I am going to take my unpainted 10mm WWI armies, which are already quite sizable, and add the sci-fi components to them.  Rather than pure VSF, I’m looking at an alternative Great War situation.  So my first goal is to put together French and German armies for 1914 supplemented with the bizarre and the fun.

For rules, I have GASLIGHT, Space 1899 and I’ve downloaded the Armchair General’s ‘When the Navy Walked’ rules.  I’m not certain that any of these systems will be the sole operating system, and am looking at writing my own rules mashing different aspects together.

So armed with enthusiasm, a milk bottle top and four screws, I figured I’d start off with a French Walker:

(It even has red pants, just like the rest of the French army…)

As I was rummaging through the ‘bits box’ for the guns, I also found the tracks off an old GI Joe Snowcat, and something off a printer of some sort.  Hence the first German Landship was also constructed:

This is a long-term bit-by-bit project at the moment.  The priority remains Flames of War WWII and 1973 for the next couple of months.  But when inspiration hits, expect more bizarre contraptions.


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