Best Laid Plans…

Well, it is over a week since I started this hopeful enterprise, and I am well aware that it is in serious danger of being left in the forgotten box. The fact is that despite all my intentions, the most I’ve managed to accomplish on my Arthurians is to base coat the horses. Now there are reasons for this. First of all, I have been rather ill for a couple of days. That hasn’t helped. Secondly, last weekend proved to be a very fruitful one in terms of terrain building. Dan came down, and all manner of hills, rivers and foliage was put into preparation. Not to mention a significant amount of basing was achieved and the 40K Ork Army was converted up a bit. We made a Big Mek that is a conversion and a half!

And I guess that is half the problem. We’re not lazy when it comes to our hobby, by any means. But we are VERY unfocussed. It is kind of annoying that we like so many eras, and have found the means to game them. When we were younger, the money wasn’t there to do 30 different periods, but now it is, and I’m wondering whether we need to cull our interests a bit. But for the life of me, I can’t think of anything that I want to drop. I can think of eras I want to concentrate on, though, and it goes like this.

1. Finish the Arthurians (starting to feel like a chore…)

2. 15mm DBA armies for an Alexander the Great campaign – Macedonians, Persians, Indians and Spartans. If I go hard, it takes me two days to complete a DBA army, painted and based. Xmas holidays should see this become a reality.

3. WWII Germans to finish – and maybe the Yanks too. Also want to Complete two more platoons for my World War One Brits and Germans. This should round off the Christmas holidays.

4. Orks for 2008. I’ve painted the Warboss. Only 100 more models to go! I love the Orks though, and I hope that the new Codex does them justice. Something like the fun army from 2nd edition 40K would be nice… ‘you won’t be laughing when my 20 Stormboyz get you… Ok my 4 Stormboyz that actually made it into battle…’

5. Who knows? Probably the El Cid Spanish or the Early Imperial Romans. One of the WAB armies anyway. It depends on where Dan is at…

So that is the long term plan. We’ll have to wait and see whether it eventuates or not. But must endeavour to maintain discipline…



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