I just got my broadband back! Expect far more action on these blogs now!

OK…  A little more action.

As a taster, here are some very poor quality photos taken from a recent Black Powder games at John’s place – Zulus vs Brits. I played Zulus, John had the Brits.

The British force deployed in the small farmstead at Dorke’s Drift. The first Zulu horn would move in from a random direction to begin with, and from there the other horns and the loins would be up to the Zulu commander.

Zulus from all directions move in on the Brits. Note the unpainted figures in the foreground. These are the last figures for John to paint. I was feeling pretty confident at this stage…

After this I forgot to take pictures. The lancers had ridden around and attacked a Zulu Impi in the rear while a company of British Infantry pinned them to the front. The Impi to the left has just run over John’s Gardner Gun – the second time this weapon has jammed and been annihilated, and we’ve only played two games!

The Natal Mounted Rifles have been driven back in the top of the picture, and out of picture on the left the first wave of Zulus is about to crash on the building. A combination of poor dice rolling saw this fall to the first Zulu assault, only to realise that we had forgotten the British ‘Stubborn’ special rule. We replace the Brits and the game turned tragic for the Zulus from that point on. The end result was a comprehensive Zulu defeat, but not before taking out the Gardner and a Brit company. We’ll be back!

Black Powder are without doubt my favourite rules at the moment. I’m still having issues remembering special rules at crucial times, but by and large the games have been a lot of fun.

More soon



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